Electric Cars Part 2

Electric cars are more efficient than their petrol and diesel equivalents and electric engines have many advantages such as quietness and high torque. However, they still just as much, if not more CO2 per km than petrol and diesel cars due to the electricity used to power them, which still comes from mainly CO2 dirty power stations (see earlier article on electric cars). Read more »


How to beat the recession

If you read the other environmental posts on this blog, you will see that efforts with wind farms, insulation, recycling etc. are futile. What we should do is to push through parliamentary powers and make a national plan for building nuclear power stations. Read more »

Five Nuclear Myths

1. Nuclear Power is not CO2 free
Unlike a fossil-fueled power station, in the day to day operation of a nuclear power station, no CO2 is produced. The same can be said of wind, solar or wave power. However, like other renewable energy power sources, it is inevitable that some CO2 will be produced in the construction, decommissioning and other aspects of the power station’s life cycle. Read more »

Particle University

In principle, nuclear power is an incredible source of clean electricity. However, there are still certain issues surrounding the technology that prevent its wider acceptance. Read more »

Heat Pumps: The Possibility

Recently, there has been a small trend towards the use of heat pumps. Read more »

The Sad Electric Story

It is obvious that clean electricity fulfilling all our energy needs would solve huge problems but sadly and astonishingly, nothing is being done about it. Here are the facts. Read more »

The Mistake about Wind Turbines

All forms of electricity generation have a rating and an output. The rating is the optimum amount of electricity that can be produced when the generator is operating at 100% of its capability. The output is the amount of electricity that is actually produced. Read more »

Standardisation of Environmental Reporting

Even in this so-called ‘information age’, it is virtually impossible to get reliable figures and statistics on any subject. Read more »

Electric Cars

One of the methods proposed to reduce CO2 emissions is to increase the use of electric cars. But, will this actually reduce CO2? Read more »

Kyoto – How far have we come?

It is impossible to tell whether Britain has managed to meet the commitments it signed up to in Kyoto. Read more »